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Feedback from students

"I first met a student of Luke’s in the audition queue for The Phantom of the Opera in London. That student gave me one of Luke’s top tips for healthy high notes.

Using this tip alone I was able to secure myself a place on the tour, so I made sure to secure some lessons with him while in Sydney.

Since my first few lessons with Luke in person, and subsequent lessons online, I have managed to continually and consistently develop great overall vocal health, which is vital for me especially as a professional singer in regular demand.

I have had some wonderful teachers over the years, each with their own particular technical focus, however with Luke, I feel he brings a holistic approach to vocal health and development, combining vast technical knowledge with imagery that works best for my own creative personality.

In just one year, I have felt my voice feel freer, and my breath feel more calm and controlled, than I have in many years combined beforehand. I rely on Luke wholeheartedly as my vocal trainer and trust him completely to guide me in keeping bad habits away, so I can enjoy singing at my best, and then better and even better as I go.

He also happens to have a warm personality that makes lessons fun too, creating a space where I feel free to discover my voice without any judgements; only constructive feedback and vocal exercises that really, really help.

Thank you Luke!"


-Michaela Leisk - Professional Soprano

'I have been a student of Luke's for 3 years now and without him I wouldn't vocally be where I am today. His deep understanding and passion for the vocal health and technique has left me with important knowledge on how to continuously improve my singing skills in a safe and healthy way. To anyone looking to improve their vocal technique witht longlasting results I have and will continue to reccomend Luke.'

- Paris (Singer/Songwriter)


'I’ve been having lessons with Luke for over a year now, as I play regular gigs with a couple of bands, and I couldn’t be happier. Before training with Luke, I would find it difficult to do two consecutive days of gigs as my voice just couldn’t handle load due to the lack of technique and getting put under unnecessary strain. Now after working with Luke weekly, my technique and overall vocal health has improved ten fold and I no longer have to miss gig opportunities or rehearsals due to my voice needing to rest or being overstrained. 

Luke continues to help me reach my singing goals as lessons are based around overall techniques and exercises which have a direct impact on my whole vocal repertoire and not just specific songs. This has allowed me to improve my singing as a whole on a consistent basis as we don’t get bogged down on specific sections or songs but rather practices which will help my singing entirely. It also allows me to see and track improvements a lot easier as we consistently check in and make adjustments to exercises for continued improvement. 

I would highly recommend Luke to anyone who is looking to take their singing to the next level or is playing gigs regularly and is concerned with the longevity of their vocal health. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the singer I am now without the help of Luke’s lessons!'

- Oliver (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist)

'I have been a student of Luke's for over 5 years now and have tremendous growth in my vocal abilities and confidence. Luke is always researching and adapting new exercises into our lessons specifically suited to my type of voice and vocal goals. His vocal knowledge encompasses the workings of respiratory system, the function of diaphragm as well as mental awareness and how these elements affect your singing. My favourite thing about Luke is that he is a teacher who never stops learning and I could not recommend him enough.'

-Holly (Sydney)

As an actor it's important to me that vocal technique comes as naturally as possible, so that I can focus on my job, WITHOUT having to worry about singing.

Luke's teaching keeps my voice relaxed and tension free which prevents any distractions from my job. This gentle easy approach to technique has kept my voice in health and secured me roles such as Anthony in 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' and Jesus in 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.

This has all been achieved in under 18 months with Kent Vocal Studios, and no prior formal vocal training.

-Andrew Bryan (online student ) London UK

"Amazing vocal teacher who can easily teach students in an easy to understand way in many different vocal and singing styles he is a great teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to properly learn how to sing."


Jade Matthews (Sydney)


"If you are looking at taking singing lessons I would highly recommend Luke at Kent Vocal Studio. Luke is a very talented teacher who really knows his stuff.


I have seen more progress in my voice than ever before since I have been working with him. I was always very shy as a singer and Luke helped me work past that. Studying with Luke has helped me gain more confidence and believe in myself. So much so that I have recently just moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career as a musician.


Luke helped me out with preparing for recording my first EP and even assisted us with fixing up some things on my bands songs.

Some teachers are stuck in their old ways and not willing to broaden their knowledge which I believe is extremely important as a teacher. Luke is consistently broadening his vocal knowledge, and is very up to date with what is going on in the singing world.


I feel extremely fortunate I found Luke, his belief and respect for me as a person and as a singer has helped me get me where I am today. Whenever I am stuck with things now, on the other side of the world, I know Luke is only a message or Skype call away!"


Kylie Adams - lead vocalist/songwriter of Desert Sparrow (Sydney/LA)


"Luke has helped me be a more confident singer. I love the way he breaks down and explains how your voice works so there is no mystery. He made me believe in myself as a vocalist. Awesome teacher. The best."


Makeda Aset (Sydney)



"A very dedicated vocal coach who knows his stuff and is passionate about teaching."


Henry Crescini, singer/songwriter/guitarist (Germany) 


"Hi Luke,
I would like to thank you for the way you conducted my voice lessons. You have good vocal teaching techniques. You always made me feel comfortable. The vocal exercises have improved my feelings about my voice . My breathing is so much better. You have given me confidence. Thank you,"


Marlene - age 77 (Sydney)


"I have had quite a few teachers in my time and some of them are very high profile and yet I am constantly amazed by Luke’s advice and teaching. He is so committed to his craft which means that his students truly benefit from his ever-growing knowledge and expertise. I feel blessed to have found him and I’m so excited about the now limitless possibilities of how I can grow from here!" 


Chantal Harrison - vocalist of Chantal and Cesar (Sydney)

"Learning singing with Luke has been vocally life changing.
I have been to many different vocal teachers before (including conservatorium trained) and I have not excelled and felt more satisfied with my voice as I have with Luke.
The rare thing about Luke as my vocal teacher, compared to my other vocal teachers is that he allows you to understand the anatomy of your vocal chords and how they work, which I find invaluable.
Luke has successfully gotten me through things from school prac assessments to productions with musical companies and gigs with Chatswood high big band.
The support and knowledge that Luke has provided me over the time that I have been learning singing from him has been invaluable."


Beck Ng - 17 (Sydney)


"Great teacher with alot of patience for the kids, have really seen progress for my daughters, they receive lessons via skype in Victoria."



Margaret Walker (Victoria)


“Luke Kent is a great vocal coach. I am a drummer finishing my last year of music degree. At uni we have to do choir and I always struggle to hit the high notes. After having a couple of lessons with him, he changed my mind set about approaching those high notes and it freed me up a lot. I am now more confident with people asking me to sing as a backing vocalist whilst playing drums."


Liyantono Sastro - drummer/drum coach (Sydney)