A tip to help accelerate vocal progress!

Recently I've been using this strategy and finding it extremely useful for helping my vocal development and for the development for students.

It’s simple. Create a vocal diary.

Now before some of you become disappointed and don't even try it hear me out and it will make sense why I suggest this. It's not to log practice time or anything like that even though that can also be beneficial to some.

The kind of journaling I am talking about is this :

Write down vocal discoveries you have made while practicing or performing good or bad!

You will find some days your mind is clear and focused and some vocal concepts just click! That is the day to write them down as you understand them so you can access it on other days. On the days things are not clicking you can write down if you feel tensions in your body etc

Eventually it will become a mini book of vocal wisdom you have gained through experience, mistakes and successes. What you will write and the discoveries you will be making will most likely differ but the regular act of writing it down for referencing later can only help!

I am very passionate about constantly developing as a singer and teacher. Part of my development is in studying with my teacher. I often write my thoughts about application and use of the concepts I have learned in my journal connecting it to other concepts and deepening my understanding so I can apply and teach it better. Here are 3 advantages to doing this: 1. By writing down ideas you are learning in a central place you can easily revisit them later. Sometimes revisiting things you first learnt to deepen them can help vocal breakthroughs. 2. It is a great way to increase your discipline as a singer mastering their voice instrument 3. If you desire to teach voice it will become a great resource to look into to help others.

To journal you can use a notepad or some kind of app.

An easy way to do this if you don't want to use pen and paper is to use the Google Keep Notes App. It means you can access it from any laptop/phone or desktop computer. This is what I use to maximise access between my devices.

Commit to writing in it everyday and you will be amazed over time at the wisdom you can gain from it while you start to understand and apply solid vocal concepts.

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