Posture For Singing

Most people know that posture is considered important for singing but some do not realize why. The singing voice is formed by the whole body working together! The singer is both the instrument and the musician. If you learn to play the guitar or piano one if the first lessons is how to hold and use your hands on the Instrument. This ensures you can get the maximum efficiency of movement to help prevent injury and to build a great foundation.

Posture for singing is exactly that, a core part of a singers foundation! Here are a few things to keep in mind for your posture:

- A tall feeling in the body- keeping the natural S curves in the spine.

- Comfortably high chest position without pulling it up very high or slumping it.

- Keeping the natural curve in the back of the neck. A 'straight ahead' position is a good starting point for the head.

- Knees slightly bent (unlocked) when standing with the weight on the fronts of the feet. This helps keep the back rib cage more open and assists the singer in better control of their breath.

- A slight tilt forward in the hips. This idea connects with the bent/unlocked knees concept. These ideas will help you gain a better posture.

It is important to remember posture is not a fixed idea, you never want to feel as if your body is locked into a position but rather keeping flexibly tall. A good posture will help with efficient breath use which will help the larynx and resonators (see my previous article) work in a balanced way to support free and easy singing!

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