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Learn to Sing better with Kent Vocal Studio



Would You Like to Become a Better Singer?

  • Do you feel  frustrated trying increase your vocal range?

  • Do you want to improve your vocal tone?

  • Would you like to be a more confident singer ?

  • Would you like to sing freely without strain?

  • Would you like to improve your breathing and vocal power?

  • Would you like to develop a healthy technique that allows you to sing without voice loss and fatigue?


I Understand and I Can Help!


I understand how you feel - learning to sing on your own can be difficult. You may have found lessons in the past to be confusing, vague or just discouraging.


However, with an experienced teacher, singing can be an enjoyable experience. I have helped many people just like you understand how their voice works and how to improve it.


Check out the Testimonials Page to see and hear comments from Kent Vocal Studio students who are reaching their singing goals.


No matter where you are at as a singer I can help you to reach your goals and become the singer you want to be.

I currently work with beginners through to working professionals!

Why Should You Choose KVS?

  • Lesson are based on your individual goals. You can learn to sing the songs you like.

  • Experienced and passionate teacher so you will learn quickly and efficiently

  • Get Results with Vocal Techniques that Work - save yourself time and money

  • Contemporary teaching style - the most effective vocal exercises used, more than just scales.

  • Passionate and experienced teacher dedicated to your success!

  • Diagnostic teaching aimed at improving your vocal strengths and correcting weaknesses.

  • Recording Studio and live P.A - practice microphone technique and/or record your song demo

  • The option to learn music theory is available to further your training

  • All contemporary singing styles covered

  • All levels taught - beginner to professional

  • Email support for students - students can ask questions and have any confusions clarified about their vocal exercises/songs any time without having to wait until their next lesson.

Not convinced? Click here for even more reasons to study with Luke at Kent Vocal Studio.

Luke Kent
 Luke Kent - Professional Vocal Coach     

"Australia is blessed to have such an amazing vocal coach in Luke Kent.


Not only is he an amazing teacher, but a singer of equal merit. Very rare is the quality in this day and age of finding a teacher more concerned with their student's progress as opposed to making the all mighty dollar. Luckily, Luke is one of these rare finds, always going the extra mile with each student so that they always receive 2-3 lessons worth of guidance in a single vocal session.


As well, he continues to study and fine-tune his craft, always striving to better his own expertise so that he may better his students. This is why I am thankful to not only have Luke Kent as an equal colleague, but a close friend as well-"


Jaime Vendera (author, television personality and voice strengthening coach) USA

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