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Professional techniques

The techniques used in lessons are effective and simple.


Students are taught exercises that are effective.
The benefits of each exercise are clearly explained. Students
 can then have confidence that every exercise will be of benefit to their voice.  
Students avoid wasting time on mindless, repetitive scales!


This wholistic training covers vocal health/technique/performance and recording.

Patient and Structured Lessons


Lessons are tailored towards the invidual singers goals and needs.

Student lessons can be catered towards:

  • Singing for fun

  • Karaoke singing

  • Growing vocal confidence

  • Auditions

  • Professional singing career

  • Recording preparation

  • Recovery from vocal abuse/damage*

  • Music theory -applied to singer/songwriters

*Not intended as a replacement for medical advice, please see an Otolaryngologist (ENT) for serious problems.


Positive and


Lessons are supportive and encouraging. Singing can be more challenging for some people which means they need even more encouragement and support.

Luke firmly believes that anyone with a normal healthy speaking voice can work towards vast improvements in their singing

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Luke Kent- Singer
  Luke Kent  
Vocal Coach - Luke Kent
Luke Kent has been a singer/instrumentalist and songwriter for over 15 years. He has played and sung in live bands, a community symphony orchestra, directed choirs (children and adults), worked on jingles for TV ads, session recordings and taught in a variety of music schools.
Luke began studying vocal technique in 2009 at C3 College in Sydney. As a result of this training Luke developed a desire to further his study and to develop into an efficient teacher. Because of his passion for professional development he has and now continues to be mentored and trained by the best voice technique teachers he can find.
Luke is currently studying under vocal coach Jeff Alani Stanfill who is a protregé/associate teacher of internationally renowned vocal pedagogue David L. Jones.

Luke began teaching private lessons in 2011 and has since started his own successful teaching studio – Kent Vocal Studio on the northern beaches, Sydney. He has developed a knack for helping other singers overcome vocal hurdles and develop their vocal instrument.
Because of his passion for excellence in teaching he has earned endorsements from voice teachers and glowing testimonials from students in Australia and the US.
In 2020 Luke moved his studio to Leumeah and is now teaching singers there.

Luke's teaching philosophy is 'excellence in vocal training'.








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